CST Firenze

CST is the partner of choice

A partner to improve reliability and performance of rotating equipment reducing capex and opex


ISO 9001:2015


CST celebrates 20 years


Thanks to a deep knowledge of the state of the art and experience of its engineers, CST can deal with all the aspects of product development: from market analysis and conceptual phase of new lines of machines to the implementation of detailed design, packaging, field service, commissioning, and start up. 1

reciprocating compressors
From design to service
Centrifugal Compressor
Design, testing and service
Screw Compressor
Systems and troubleshooting
Steam Turbines
Driver selection and troubleshooting
Gas Turbines
Driver selection and troubleshooting
Centrifugal Pumps
Machine selection and troubleshooting
Reciprocating Pumps
Machine analysis, troubleshooting and recurrent failure elimination
Compression Packages
From design to manufacturing and installation


CST has a deep design knowledge, capable to solve the toughest challenges in the operation and maintenance of rotating equipment. Its engineering team can provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to trace and solve the most significant operational problems.

A knowledgeable friend about your equipment
remote monitoring & tele-diagnostics
Maintenance Engineering Consultancy
machine modernization & upgrade
Performance improvement by new advanced technology
training courses
Improve your team skill leveraging competences of CST pool of specialists


CST has been developing more and more engineered products to meet customers requests for equipment or components.

bare compressors
CST: From design to production of complete, leading edge technology reciprocating compressors.
compressor components
CST: Brand new and reengineered cylinders.
diagnostic system
Reci-coDe: A true and friendly Diagnostic system developed for reciprocating compressor predictive maintenance.
lubrication systems
PLS 100: a stable cylinder lubrication system to optimize oil consumption and reduce process pollution.

Machinery Analysis

Machinery analysis is of utmost importance in various stages of machine life. From design up to performance evaluation, from single components to systems, from machine to foundation, and so on, a strong computational capability is mandatory to manage machinery in all its different aspects.

pulsation & vibration analysis
100+ API 618 Pulsation studies for new and existing units.
torsional & lateral vibrations analysis
Shaft analysis for all kind of compression and pumping train arrangement.
foundation design
Foundation block reengineered for vibration reduction and safety enhancement.
dynamic system simulation
Complex compression systems need special analysis by simulation of transient conditions.