CST has available a wide range of software and computing means to be able to face all package and machine design needs. This task is reached by gathering the following resources:

Commercial software

  • SOLID WORKS 3D Modeling
  • Autodesk INVENTOR 3D Modeling
  • SIMULATION Finite Element analysis
  • MOTION Rigid Body Dynamic analysis
  • ANSYS Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

Proprietary Software

  • ReciPerf: for the Reciprocating Compressors performance evaluation
  • CSTherm: for physical characteristics of gas mixtures determination
  • BearingPerf: for bearing design
  • DamPerf: for preliminary design of pulsation dampeners according to API618 5th ed.
  • CSTors: for shaft line torsional analysis
  • CylOpt Mono:parametric SW for compressor cylinder fluid-dynamic optimization
  •  CylOpt FSI 3D: 3D simulation of the compression chamber domain with a Fluid Structure Interaction SW

High performance computing

Some high tech software utilized by CST requires powerful computing means in order to stay with the computing time within reasonable values. This is achieved through a partnership that allows CST to access to the largest Italian Interuniversity Computing Centre, one of the most important worldwide High Performance Computing Centers.


Turbolent viscosity in a
centrifugal compressor inlet duct


Detail of a FSI analysis of the flow through a recip. compressor discharge valve